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Schools & Universities

Making payment simple.

An increasing number of our student population is made up of international students. Making a payment into another currency can be expensive for the student and leaves the Educator with international receipt fees and difficulties with payment reconciliation.

Our service allows your students to pay in their own currency at the best exchange rates with low or no fees. Payments are accepted via bank transfer or credit/debit card. They are fully traceable for simple reconciliation and as we pay you domestically, there will be no bank receipt fees.

We can offer the widest range of currencies for your students to pay in allowing as many as possible to benefit from the savings.

Our service is free of charge to the Educator for receiving payments and you will also be able to make outbound international payments at far lower fees than your bank would charge.

We are happy to visit and demonstrate how simple our payments system is and how it can be added to your website within an hour.

All transactions take place via our FCA registered and regulated partner for your financial security.